Serving PHILADELPHIA & surrounding counties / PA LICENSE #PA035480

Duct Cleaning

  • As an added service we also have state of the art duct cleaning equipment with roto brush capability.
  • Our duct cleaning is unsurpassed by any other contractor.
  • With the purchase of a roto brush duct cleaning, we use a 20 foot cable hooked into a brush. It’s interchangable depending on the size of the duct. This 20 foot cable is hooked into a drill for maximum scrubbing effect.
  • At the same time we use an air compressor with 200 lbs. per square inch of air to push the dirt into the Nikro industry state of the art Hepa filtration vacuum that is 8 foot long by 3 foot high for maximum suction.
  • Every register is done from the top of your house to the basement.
  • We discount our electronic air cleaners as well as the UV light to maintain indoor air purification after duct cleaning is completed.
  • We also offer a free heater cleaning with the purchase of a roto brush duct cleaning.