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Is Your Basement Too Cold?

An AC Installation Expert Gives Useful Tips on Choosing the Right AC for Your Basement

Choosing a basement air conditioner means finding the model which suits your space, budget, and lifestyle. There are various options available, each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Thinking about what you’re trying to achieve should be the first step undertaken. Basements generally stay cool naturally, so cooling is not the most important part of a HVAC system.

We at Accurate Temperature LLC in Bensalem, PA, have found that air circulation is priority in basements, in addition to ensuring a constant humidity to stave off mold and mildew. The more complex systems will use the ductwork in your home, and even though these are generally the most energy efficient systems, they can be much more complicated and expensive when it comes to AC installation. Should your basement have windows, you should consider window-mounted models, also known as mini-split systems.

When possible, try to see the system you are interested in working and speak to people that have previous experience for more help and advice. One thing you will want to figure out is what you want to achieve with an air conditioner. Even though basements are cooler than the rest of a house, they tend to have damp and stale air because of the lack of ventilation.

Air conditioners will not just cool air, they will force it to circulate continuously, and could control humidity and air quality. Your primary goals could vary depending on how you will be using your basement, but determining these things ahead of time, will help you make the right choice for your needs. Do not make a choice solely based on expense, size, and ratings. So if you are in need of HVAC installation or an AC repair service, call us today (215) 917-2115.